New Animal Shelter on the Way!
April 19, 2023

PEI’s only animal shelter is looking for Islanders to get involved

in their biggest fundraising campaign ever.


The PEI Humane Society is looking for committee members, volunteers, donors, board members, and fundraisers to get involved and help make a difference in their capital fundraising campaign.


To read the full press release on the build, CLICK HERE


The goal is to raise $3,000,000 to see the Expanding Our Paw Print capital campaign completed. The cost of the entire project will exceed $5,800,000. With $2,800,000 already raised for the campaign, the shelter needs to raise another $3,000,000 to see their new facility completed.



Here’s what getting involved looks like:


COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Fundraising committee members get together quarterly to discuss plans for fundraising to support the capital campaign. These folks are dedicated to raising money for the project and bringing in new partners. If you’re interested in sitting on our capital fundraising committee, send us an email at


VOLUNTEERS: Our volunteers provide support for our day-to-day operations, and help keep our animals happy and healthy. Volunteers can also get involved in fundraising, fostering, and committees as well, but their primary role is in working one-on-one with our animals. Sign up to be a volunteer BY CLICKING HERE.


DONORS: We wouldn’t be able to build this new building without our donors. Those interested in inquiring about Namings, major donations, legacy giving, or recognition, can CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE


BOARD MEMBERS: Are you someone who believes they can make a substantial change in our organization? Professional individuals looking to join our board must apply, complete an interview, and pass board approval before joining. To learn more about joining our board, CLICK HERE and scroll down.


FUNDRAISERS: Are you looking to run an independent fundraiser? Small businesses, teams, and private individuals can all get involved in supporting our capital project by running an independent fundraiser. For more information on what’s involved, send us an email at


The Expanding Our Paw Print capital campaign has been in the works for several years and has met with many challenges. Thanks to the pandemic, inflation, and increased demand on services, PEI’s only animal shelter has had a tough time moving the project forward.

This capital project is the largest fundraising undertaking the PEI Humane Society has ever had. For complete details on the project: CLICK HERE


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