Rehome a Pet

Rehoming your Pet with the PEI Humane Society

We understand that choosing to rehome your pet is a difficult decision. The PEI Humane Society staff provide a judgement-free environment with the goal of providing every animal entering our care with a successful start in their new life.

There are no fees to rehome your animal with the PEI Humane Society.

Below, you will find links to forms for surrendering cats, dogs, and tiny paws. Please select the appropriate form and fill it in. Once you have submitted your form, someone from the shelter will reach out to arrange a time for a surrender appointment.

Please be advised that responses to surrender inquiries may take a few days to respond to.

We will reach out to you as soon as we are able to.

Next steps…

What to bring to your appointment?

On the day of your appointment please bring your pet in a secure carrier/cage or on a leash. 

Remember to bring:

  • favourite blankets
  • toys
  • any medications
  • food with your pet’s name marked on it
  • past health records from your pet’s veterinarian

Rehoming your pet on your own:

  • Check with your veterinarian. Pets that are on medications or who are undergoing treatments may need a supply of medication or a treatment plan before being rehomed.
  • Try to place your pet(s) with family or friends who will love and care for them
  • See if there is a breed rescue group for your pet(s) and contact them
  • Check with the breeder where you got your pet(s). Responsible breeders will try and help with any problems you’re having and will usually take them back if things don’t work out.
  • If posting online, make sure to charge an adoption fee.

If you are unable to care for your animal for a short period of time due to circumstances beyond your control, you can find more information about our emergency animal housing program, Safe Haven, here.

To talk to someone today about Safe Haven, contact the PEI Humane Society at 902-892-1190 or email us at

You can also leave a message with our 24hr emergency line at 902-892-1191.