Our Values

Our Vision

The PEI Humane Society will provide leadership across Prince Edward Island, in ensuring the proper treatment of companion animals

Our Mission

To advance animal welfare protection province wide, aligned to the Animal Welfare Act, and champion best practices in prevention, sheltering, and placement of companion animals

Our Values


  • Humane treatment and care for all companion animals
  • Protection from and prevention of abuse and neglect for all companion animalsĀ 
  • Promoting informed and responsible ownership of companion animals
  • Protecting public health and safety relating to companion animals
  • Promoting the continued health and safety of employees and visitors to the PEI Humane Society

Annual Reports

The PEI Humane Society is a registered non-profit organization. As such, we have a responsibility to be accountable and transparent to our clients and financial supporters.

In addition to audited Financial Statements for the most recent fiscal year, our reports (linked on this page) also include facts and statistics which will provide a snapshot of our work in the community to improve the welfare of companion animals across Prince Edward Island.