Fireworks & Your Pet
June 24, 2022


The PEI Humane Society would like to remind the public of the stress that loud, sudden noises like fireworks can have on companion animals.


When planning an outdoor celebration, it is important to keep in mind that companion animals have very keen hearing and though they may be distanced from your event, they can still hear the explosions of fireworks. Loud sounds like these can be very frightening for pets of all kinds, but especially for outdoor animals that are tied up or in a pen. Loud noises can trigger a flight instinct in some animals, causing them to bolt from their homes for fear of their safety. It’s often hard to find these animals as they then go into hiding from fear.


If you know that there will be a celebration with fireworks in your area sometime this summer, have a plan ready. Here’s some tips from the PEI Humane Society:


1 – Have a safe space indoors for your pet where they can be kept during the festivities. This space should be as sound proofed as possible. Sound proofing a space can be as simple as having a television on, playing white noise, or playing soft music to help distract your pet from the noise outside. Consider having a favourite bed, toys and treats in this space as well, offering plenty of distraction for your pet.

2 – Leave your pet at home this Canada Day. Each year, the PEI Humane Society gets several calls from owners whose pets have run away during fireworks displays. Leaving your pet at home ensures you’ll be able to enjoy the show without worrying about your pet running from you once the fireworks begin.

3 – Be courteous to your neighbours. If you plan to host an event where you will have fireworks in use, tell your neighbours about it. Even if you live at quite a distance, doing your due diligence to ensure your neighbours know when you’ll be lighting off fireworks will help them ensure they don’t have their pets outside during that time.

4 – Stay alert. If you are in a public space this holiday weekend (like the beach, park, campground, etc.) and you see someone about to set off fireworks, remove your animal from the scene and put them somewhere secure (like a car, camper, or kennel). Taking the chance to secure your pet will help you ensure they stay safe and do not bolt during the noise.