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UPDATE: Shanty, the little bulldog that could!
December 4, 2023

How PEI Helped Shanty Get a New Leash On Life!

Update: May 30th

It’s the heartfelt final update you’ve been waiting for!
Shanty, the resilient 4-year-old English Bulldog has a story that touched all of us at the PEI Humane Society. Thanks to your generous support, Shanty has undergone a series of vital surgeries, and we are thrilled to inform you of her remarkable progress.

Shanty has successfully completed multiple procedures essential for her health and well-being. These include a palate reduction to help her breathe more easily, the removal of a large fold of skin over her nose to prevent discomfort, infection and further improve her breathing, a spay surgery, and having her eyelids pinned down to correct an entropion condition.

Throughout this journey, Shanty has shown incredible resilience and strength. Her personality and zest for life has never waned! She is now on the road to recovery, enjoying a new lease on life with greater comfort and vitality. Your donations have been instrumental in making this possible, ensuring that Shanty receives the best medical care and a brighter future.

We cannot thank you enough for your unwavering support and generosity. Your contributions have not only changed Shanty’s life but have also reinforced our mission to provide care and hope to animals in need.

We are happy to announce that this sweet girl has been adopted into a loving family who will make sure she is cared for and loved for the remainder of her days.



Update: March 12, 2024

Shanty had her first surgery and is doing well!

Shanty had her first surgery a couple of weeks ago and we’re pleased to say she’s doing really well! She is recovering comfortably in her new home.

Her first procedure was delayed slightly, because she had we discovered that she had pneumonia. It’s likely she had this when she arrived at the shelter and it was not noticed due to her already-reduced breathing. Thankfully, with testing, we caught it quickly and were able to get her started on medication.

Her doctors and the shelter’s leadership team decided that it was best to wait for the medication to kick in before we went ahead with surgery. Once she began improving, we went ahead with the surgery to shorten her palette. This procedure is complex, but on a dog like Shanty, with her unique skull shape, her doctors took extra care to ensure she was looked after.

She came through surgery like the little champion she is and has been doing well in recovery. Her breathing has improved and she is able to run and play more than ever before!

We are now preparing to schedule another surgery to get the large flap of skin over her nose reduced. This should further improve her breathing and ensure she doesn’t run into any issues down the road. We will be sure to update you when this surgery is complete!

Shanty’s care is made possible thanks to your generous contributions to our work. Our surgical fund ensures animals like Shanty are given the second chance they deserve to live a long, healthy life.





If you’re interested in learning about how you can help animals in the long-term by donating gifts of securities to our surgical fund, you can learn more BY CLICKING HERE







Update: December 21, 2023

Thanks to our Island community, Shanty’s fundraiser was a tremendous success! We set out to raise $5,000 for her care and we were able to secure over $15,000! This means that Shanty’s surgery will be covered, and we’re ready to look after the next animal in need that comes our way.

Shanty’s first surgery is scheduled for January 15th, 2024 and at that time, we will look to shorten her pallet and handle some of the issues with excess tissue around her face. Once her first surgery is complete, we will have an idea of how she is faring in recovery and we will build a plan for her next round of care to fix her vision problems and get her spayed. All of this is possible thanks to our incredible donors. Without the Island community coming together, we would not be able to offer Shanty this level of care.

From now on, Shanty will be living comfortably in foster care.

Thanks to all the funds raised, we were also able to help another dog in need: Hank!

Hank was surrendered to us recently and needed an eye removal surgery. Eye issues are unfortunately very common with bulldogs, and Hank needed our help to be able to live a happy and comfortable life. Thankfully, Shanty’s fundraiser was able to cover the costs for Hank’s surgery and he is now in recovery and doing well! He is a happy pup with a lot of love to give. We hope he’ll find his forever home very soon!

Thank you to everyone who donated to support Shanty’s care. Your generosity goes much further than you realize!



The below content was posted Dec 4, 2023:



E-Transfers accepted to

Shanty has lived a tough life for only being 3 years old. We need your help to make sure that the rest of her life isn’t so hard.


Shanty came to the shelter as a surrender and won us all over with her sweet personality right away. Our volunteers and staff love her, because despite what she has been through, she is snuggly, loveable and loves people.


Sadly, Shanty has a lot wrong with her. Most of her issues are a result of poor breeding. We want to do everything we can to help her live a long, healthy life. Sadly, before we get there, she’s going to require multiple surgeries.



Here’s what’s wrong with Shanty:

  • She is deaf
  • She has had a trauma to one of her eyes which causes issues with her vision.
  • As she is an English bulldog, her skull is brachycephalic, which means she is prone to breathing issues. Her issues are significant, and her breathing (even at rest) is laboured.
  • She needs a “facelift” procedure, to reduce the fold over her nose. This is one the factors that is contributing to her breathing issues.
  • She needs a pallet shortening surgery to help long-term with her breathing.
  • She needs a gum surgery to remove excess tissue and (again) improve her breathing.
  • She has skin allergies, which are causing itching and pink patches on her skin
  • She came to us with shock collar trauma to throat but is recovering now. We plan to monitor these injuries moving forward.
  • She still needs to be spayed.


In total, these procedures will cost our shelter around $5,000. This cost is partially a result of her breed. English bulldogs are a high-risk for surgery due to their breathing issues.


As you know, we are in the thick of our annual fundraising campaign right now. The campaign has begun slowly this year, which is to be expected as we all know how expensive it is to live right now.


However, if you or someone you know can contribute to Shanty’s care, the PEI Humane Society would welcome your support.


Please mark donations for Shanty with “SHANTY” in the notes section when donating.


Here is the link to donate:
E-Transfers accepted to


** We will update this post once we know more about Shanty’s surgery schedule and her recovery.


** Any donations we received more than our goal, will be added to our surgical fund for the next animal in need.


Thank you for considering helping our sweet Shanty.

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