Pet Care

Holiday Hazards

As pets are a part of many families, they take part in many of the holidays that occur throughout the year. However, these holidays are not without dangers. Many holidays pose hazards to our pets whether we realize it or not.



This holiday offers the opportunity for pets to ingest many different food items that they may not normally have. Offering fatty leftovers can put your pet at risk for pancreatitis or an inflamed pancreas. This can develop into a serious condition and require hospitalization. Feeding poultry bones can cause blockages or cuts in the digestive tract which is a very serious emergency. Raw meats and sweet breads can have bacterial contamination and cause a bacterial infection in your pet.

How can you avoid all these negative experiences from ruining your holiday? When throwing out your turkey, double bag it and put it securely away in a garbage bin. You can also give your pet it’s own room for the evening. This will help avoid them getting into things they aren’t meant to, as well as assist any dog with anxieties to be able to better cope with a larger crowd than usual in their home.



With the increase in available chocolates and candies laying around the home the risk of your pet ingesting one of these tasty treats increases. Chocolate is toxic at certain levels and can cause severe illness. Xylitol found in chewing gum, candies and baked goods can lead to liver damage or failure and wrappers from candy when swallowed can lead to digestive upset, choking or a blockage.

It’s not only the chocolate and candies pet owners have to worry about, it’s also the change in routine. Having the doorbell constantly ringing, knocking at the door and the screeching of trick or treaters can be stressful especially for a nervous pet. Keeping your pet in a separate area away from the hustle and bustle of Halloween will help keep anxious pets calm and reduce the chances of them escaping out an open door in fear.



Just like with Thanksgiving and Halloween. Pets can often be offered fatty leftovers, ingesting poultry bones, chocolate and candy wrappers. All of which can cause serious illness.

Christmas trees can also be hazardous to your pet. Tinsel can cause blockages when ingested and the lights on the tree could shock, burn or electrocute pets, not to mention that the tree water can also be harmful. Supervising your pets around the Christmas tree is important. Besides Christmas trees, there are many holiday plants that are harmful; Holly, Mistletoe and Poinsettia are common ones that can cause toxicity in pets.

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