FAQ: Kitten Season
May 11, 2023

What is Kitten Season?


Each year, early in the year, un-spayed female cats go into heat. By the spring, their babies begin to arrive, which is why shelter workers refer to this time of year as “Kitten Season”. Between May and November every year, animal shelters see a large increase in kitten intakes. This year, the PEI Humane Society expects to see almost 600 kittens come into care.


Kittens come to PEIHS in all different states. Some come with birth complications, some have defects requiring surgery, some are very sick, some are orphaned, some refuse to eat, some have lost their mother, others come in with their mother and siblings… the list goes on.


Our team of highly trained staff are ready to use their expertise to ensure each kitten entering our shelter gets the best possible shot at a long and happy life. We take kittens in at all different stages of development and help prepare them for life.


Kittens in our care are placed into our dense network of foster volunteers, who provide at-home care for our kittens until they’re ready to be adopted.


Why do you charge an adoption fee for kittens?


Our adoption fee for kittens is $210.

Kittens adopted from the PEI Humane Society receive:

  • Up to 12 weeks in foster care, including socialization with children, other animals and a variety of home environments
  • Microchips
  • Flea/Tick treatments
  • Deworming
  • Vaccinations
  • Spay/Neuter surgery
  • Vet checked

**Our kitten adoption fee covers all of these services so that your happy, healthy kitten is ready to start life successfully.

The PEI Humane Society is a non-profit animal shelter and our shelter operations are paid for by our generous donors and via services like our adoption program.

The excellent level of care our kittens receive is made possible thanks to our incredible network of foster volunteers, who work around the clock with our shelter team to look after our kittens and mother cats. We are so thankful for their work. For more information on becoming a foster volunteer, CLICK HERE


“What about the free kittens I see advertised online?”


Though we know that there are well-meaning, thoughtful members of the community out there looking to rehome kittens, the purchase of any animal from an online retailer of any kind keeps the needless cycle of cat over-population going.


In 2022, our team did a some research to find out how much Islanders would pay for their “Free Kitten” if they were to give them the same level of care we did at the shelter. Open up the following images to see what we found.