Meet Oaklynn: 12 weeks old and in need of major surgery
February 27, 2023

UPDATE: Friday, March 3rd, 2023: Beautiful baby Oaklynn has left our care and gone to her forever home! Special thanks goes to the amazing team at the Atlantic Veterinary College who were able to save her leg and send her home very quickly!

We want to remind everyone that Oaklynn’s surgery was made possible because of YOUR generosity. The PEI Humane Society is a registered charitable organization and we do not have any government funding for our shelter operations such as this. By donating to Oaklynn’s care, you have helped not just one little puppy but several more animals in need of care here at PEIHS. THANK YOU!


UPDATE: Tuesday, Feb 28th, 2023: As of this morning, we have hit our goal! Thanks to our incredible community, Oaklynn is getting her surgery TODAY! We more than exceeded our goal of raising $5,000 and have surpassed $15,000+ thus far with donations still coming in!


This means that the next time an animal like Oaklynn comes into care, we will be ready! All excess funds will be directed to our surgical fund. We see cases like Oaklynn’s frequently at PEIHS and thanks to our community, we will be ready for the next animal that needs a major surgery!


We promise to share updates about Oaklynn when we can! Keep following our social media on both Facebook and on Instagram to see this little bundle of joy get a second chance thanks to YOU!





Oaklynn’s story didn’t start out so well, and until this past weekend, we thought things were looking up for her.

Oaklynn arrived to the PEI Humane Society in an unconventional way – she was dropped off in a grocery bag with her two littermates (see photos).

Three chihuahua-mix puppies, covered in feces and scared for their lives: these pups needed our help.

After a much-needed warm bath and some affectionate cuddles from the PEIHS team (see photos), Oaklynn and her littermates were immediately put into foster care, where they have remained ever since. Recently, all three puppies went up for adoption and they were adopted right away!

This all sounds like great news, right? Well, not quite.

Sadly, Oaklynn’s adoption fell through, leaving her in limbo. Luckily, the PEIHS team was able to locate an adopter for her but her new family couldn’t take her home right away. Oaklynn remained in foster care with her siblings as a result.

As puppies tend to be, Oaklynn and her siblings are a rambunctious trio and love to play and wrestle. Unfortunately, while wrestling on the couch at her foster home this weekend, Oaklynn fell off and broke her leg.

Puppies have very fragile bones, so this kind of injury is not uncommon, but her foster family contacted us immediately to notify us she was hurt. Sadly, upon examination, it was determined that Oaklynn has sustained a spiral fracture on her left rear leg and is need of emergency surgery.

The team at PEIHS wants to save her leg and repair the break through surgery. We believe that Oaklynn deserves the chance to live a full life and overcome the shaky start she and her siblings endured.

Her surgery costs over $5,000 and we’re hoping we can fundraise this amount with your help.

If you’re able to help Oaklynn, click the link above to donate now. We will be in touch soon to update you on her progress.

Thank you for considering helping Oaklynn.