July 8, 2024

Obituary Donations Save Lives

We are deeply grateful to those who choose to honor their loved ones by including a gift to our charity in their obituaries. This thoughtful gesture not only pays tribute to the memory of those who have passed but also extends their legacy by supporting the vital work we do to care for lost, homeless and abandoned animals on PEI. Your kindness and generosity ensure that we can continue to make a meaningful impact in our community, helping those in need and creating a lasting difference. We thank you for your compassionate support during such a personal and significant time.


If you choose to include our charity in an obituary you’re writing, there are a few things you should know:


1 – The PEI Humane Society is a registered charitable organization. This means that donations made to our charity are eligible for a tax receipt. This receipt can be used on your yearly income taxes. We will send the receipt to donors either via the mail or via email. Donations made online will see the tax receipt sent to the email provided when the donation was submitted.

2 – We do not receive information for Next of Kin from funeral homes. If you choose to include us in an obituary and would like to be notified of donations received in-memory of your loved one, please contact us. We would be happy to provide you with that information once all donations are received.

3 – Some funeral homes do not take donations in-person any longer. This may make it difficult for friends and family to make their donation at the funeral. Ask your funeral home if they accept donations in-person. If not, feel free to contact the shelter and we can provide you with assistance on how to accept donations. You may contact Ashley Travis at 902-892-1190 ext. 32.

4 – Some funeral homes accept donations through third-party programs. These programs can be very convenient, but they incur a service fee which does not come to the charity. If your funeral home uses a third-party program to accept donations, this may be important to keep in mind.

5 – It can take a few weeks before donations made at a funeral home arrive at the shelter. Therefore tax receipts and thank-you letters may not be sent out for several weeks.


If you have additional questions, please contact Ashley Travis at 902-892-1190 ext. 32, or via email at

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