Pet Care

Tips for Moving with Pets

Make moving as stress-free as possible for your pets.

Most pet owners move between homes at some point in their lives. This is always stressful for humans to do and can be additionally stressful for pets. The key to reducing pet stress when moving is to be prepared.

Tips for Moving with Pets

  • Before you move, train your pet to be comfortable in a carrier or kennel.
  • Before you move, train your pet to be comfortable in a car (moving and not)
  • Stick to their routine as much as you can, predictability reduces stress
  • If you find your pet is still very stressed even with preparing them for the move, contact your vet to discuss medications that could alleviate this.
  • Make sure that your pet’s identification is up to date, if your pet gets lost in the move you want to be able to be contacted if they are found.
  • When you move to your new home, keep your pet in one room for a day or so. This will help them start to familiarize themselves with the new home and help you keep them from being underfoot while moving in and out.
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