Animal Protection

Dog Licensing

Please contact Animal Protection if you are concerned about an animal's safety. Click here to learn more about our confidential reporting process.

Many municipalities have their own by-laws regarding dog licencing however, dogs in unincorporated areas require a Provincial Dog Licence under the Dog Act of PEI. What does this mean? If you do not licence your pet, you can be charged with an offence.

Costs are based upon the municipality in which you live and whether your dog is a service animal, intact, spayed or neutered.

The PEI Humane Society helps to enforce the animal bylaws in City of Charlottetown, Town of Stratford and Town of Cornwall. Licenses can be purchased directly from the PEIHS, Access PEI (Provincial) or the local municipal city or town hall.

What are the Benefits of Licensing Your Dog?

Abiding by the provincial and municipality by-laws means you avoid the fines associated with not having your pet licence. It costs more to not licence your pet!

If your dog runs away, you are only a phone call away and can be reunited quicker than officers trying to identify an unlicensed dog. It also prevents a trip to the shelter as finders can relay licence information over the phone with an animal protection officer. Therefore, the officers can give finders the information to get your dog safely home.

Did you know licensing fees go back into your community to enforce animal by-laws and make sure pets are safe? This includes helping lost dogs get home, sheltering pets with no owners, dogs at large, aggressive dogs and investigating dog bites.