The NEW PEI Humane Society Palliative Care Foster Program
March 7, 2023

Meet Tasha!


UPDATE (June 1, 2023): Tasha is now happily in her palliative care foster home! She is doing well, and though her health is beginning to decline, she is comfortable and happy. We continue to monitor her health and provide the best care possible to ensure she lives a happy, comfortable, good quality of life.


Tasha is the first-ever member of our Palliative Care Foster Program, and she is looking for a foster home to retire in.

Tasha will be a foster placement for end of life care. This senior gal (9 years old) has some major health issues including cataracts, obesity, pain in her joints, and serious abnormalities in her bloodwork which will lead to diabetes or organ failure in the future. However, despite all of that, she is still a happy pup who wants to share the last of her life with you.


Tasha is a kind and respectful senior dog. She is social with other dogs and loves to play. Because Tasha is an older gal, older, respectful children would be the best match for her if you have kids around.


Tasha is a lot like a human in many ways…


Like most of us, her favourite time of day is mealtime. 

Also like most of us, Tasha doesn’t love to go to the doctor.
She isn’t a fan of “vet handling” (nail trims, ear cleaning, baths, etc.) due to hear health conditions causing these to be sometimes painful experiences.

And MOST like us, she needs to shed a few pounds. We feel that she would do well in a home that can maintain a steady, healthy diet and provide regular walks to help her get into better shape.



Tasha can bark for a few minutes when you leave her alone in the house, though she won’t continue for long. For this reason, she would not be suitable apartment/duplex living.


Those wishing to apply to foster Tasha will need to be comfortable giving her oral medications. The PEI Humane Society will be providing all food and any medical care needed for Tasha. When her quality of life declines as determined by the PEIHS team, she will receive a dignified end of life at the shelter.


Details about our Palliative Care Foster Program


Palliative pet care is an under-recognized, vital service in the world of animal health and welfare. Palliative pet care focuses on providing humane care and humane treatment for animals living with life-limiting conditions or who are approaching end-of-life.


Palliative care services provide a better quality of life for animals in need, and animals in this program will likely never leave the care of the PEI Humane Society.


PEIHS works with caregivers and veterinarians to help reduce the burden of stress and suffering for these animals. While not necessarily glamorous, it is an important component of animal welfare and helps support our mission to advance animal welfare in this province.


In an increasingly demanding and challenging global climate, palliative pet care is an invaluable resource for safeguarding and protecting the wellbeing of companion animals.


All animals in our Palliative Care Foster Program will have their needs covered by the PEI Humane Society. All food, medications, and supplies are provided by the PEI Humane Society to ensure that animals participating in this program are provided the dignified and pain-free end of life we believe they deserve. Animals in this program are terminally ill or else are approaching end of life. When it is determined that quality of life has diminished for these animals, we will provide a humane end-of-life procedure at our shelter to ensure they do not suffer.


To make a donation toward the Palliative Care Foster Program at the PEI Humane Society CLICK HERE.

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