Palliative Care Adoptions: Jada’s Story
March 24, 2022

Article Update: Jada has been adopted.

Meet Jada. She came to the PEI Humane Society in March of 2022.

The PEI Humane Society’s mission is to champion best practices in prevention, sheltering and placement of companion animals.

You may have seen us advertise Palliative Care Adoptions for animals like Jada in the past: senior animals, approaching the end of their natural lives who are in need of a good home. We sometimes post about these animals on social media to help them get a boost of attention in the hopes of finding them a home. On average, we have roughly two dozen cases like Jada’s at the PEI Humane Society every year.

Animals considered for Palliative Care Adoptions are full of life. Jada for example, loves to dance and sing (like a typical husky), and she is friendly to a fault. She walks well on a leash, loves to be outside and in the car, and she loves to hang out with her human companions. Jada is roughly 10 years old though, and she is very thin. She has begun to show early signs of kidney failure, which makes her a candidate for a Palliative Care Adoption. We don’t know how long she has, but until she reaches the end of her life, she would benefit from a comfy, quiet home to call her own.

It is a well-documented fact that older dogs (especially those with health issues)
take longer to get adopted in shelters
and we understand why that is.
No one wants to have to say goodbye to a friend they just brought home.

We ask you to think about an adoption like Jada’s from the animal’s perspective. Palliative Care is a special role to take on for a senior animal. By adopting a pet that is approaching the end of their life, you’re helping to ease their transition from this world. You have the beautiful opportunity to show that animal love and affection in their final weeks, months, or years, giving them joy in their old age. No matter how long they are in your care, your pet will still offer you the same highs and lows as any other animal: the same cuddles on the couch, the same walks on the beach in the summer.

And you can go through your life knowing that when your pet’s time came, you made their last memories of this world happy ones.

We urge anyone who is interested in Palliative Care Adoptions to watch our website. Like Jada’s profile, we will list when an adoptable animal needs Palliative Care on their profile.

If you are interested in supporting Palliative Care adoption fees, please contact Ashley Travis at

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