The NEW PEI Humane Society Campus
April 4, 2022


The PEI Humane Society is proud to announce that we are readying to break ground on our capital project.


This article will be updated regularly with the latest information about the capital project at the PEI Humane Society.

Update: Jan. 16, 2023

Over the holiday break, the PEI Humane Society capital building team submitted the foundation permits for approval and went to tender. Permits came back approved today (Jan. 16, 2023) and we still have two contracts out to tender. Once these tenders are awarded, we plan to break ground.



Update: Dec 9, 2022

The permitting process is a long one, but we’re finally there! Permits were approved last week and we’re out to tender.

This means that we are in the process of finding contractors to begin the process. Once a team is secured, work will begin shortly thereafter. With the weather beginning to turn, it’s possible that this process could take us into the spring, but our team is holding out hope that we will be able to secure a building team quickly and have things started before the snow flies.



Update: May 10, 2022







Fundy Engineering & Consulting Ltd. visited the construction site to complete a geotechnical test pit investigation today. As part of their work they dug several test pits to determine the soil, groundwater and bedrock properties within the proposed construction area (inside the PEIHS dog park).

They took measurements from their findings and will now prepare a report containing geotechnical recommendations for earthworks and the foundation design of the new building.


Update: May 9, 2022

The PEI Humane Society has made the decision to close our dog park permanently ahead of the project.

The park had already been closed due to a contamination in the small stream that runs along the back of our property. Due to a diesel leak, we made the choice to close the park out of an abundance of caution for the dogs in the park.

The contamination is now cleaned up and we have decided to keep the park closed ahead of the construction project as equipment will soon come onto the site and the fence will soon be removed.


How we did we get here?

Since the completion of Phase I of the Expanding Our Pawprint Capital Campaign in 2018, we have been preparing to complete Phase 2 of the project, which would expand our current facility from 7,000 to over 15,000 square feet. With the on-set of the covid-19 pandemic, fundraising and construction planning for Phase 2 ground to a halt. Thanks to the pandemic and issues around zoning, we could not find a suitable location that would allow us to house our animals, staff, and operations under one roof. With the huge extension of our project thanks to the pandemic and the lengthening timeline of looking for a temporary facility, costs were rising, and a decision had to be made. Finally, we fell on the answer: building right in our own backyard.



The PEI Humane Society owns a 2-acre property on Sherwood Road in Charlottetown.

Whereas the original plans for our capital project were built upon an expansion of the current facility, new designs and modern heating techniques would benefit greatly from a completely new building where construction would not have to work around the existing structure. The new plans for our shelter center around building an entirely new structure at the back of our land on Sherwood Road, behind where the current shelter stands. The building we are in presently will act as our home until the new build is completed in the winter of 2023. The current shelter, which has stood since 1993, will remain where it is. Plans are underway for what we will do with the space in the future, but our intention is to keep the facility and instead turn our beautiful 2-acre property into a campus focused on advancing animal welfare on Prince Edward Island for all Islanders and their companion animals.








So, what will the new shelter look like?

We are still waiting for final drawings, but we plan to update this article once we have them in hand. The new build will include the 15,000+ square foot shelter; newly reconfigured to face Sherwood road, an enlarged parking lot, a beautiful memorial monument and gardens for visitors to explore, as well as the former shelter building, which we plan to keep to house business opportunities in the future. Naturally, as this project has been delayed, redesigned, and now moved, we plan to begin fundraising once again to assist with the costs of the build. Based on current plans, the new build will cost an additional $1,700,000 over what we have already fundraised.

How can the public get involved?

If you are interested in getting involved in our capital expansion project, we have many different ways you can do so. To look at your options, we recommend checking out our Expanding Our Paw Print CanadaHelps page which will let you donate seamlessly. All donations are eligible for a tax receipt as we are a registered charity. For those interested in making a contribution or if you have questions about potential sponsorships or namings in the new shelter, please contact Ashley Travis at

To everyone who has supported us thus far, your support has not only helped animals today but will continue to do so for years to come. Thank you for believing in us and our mission, your trust has meant the world to us and those in our care.

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