Pet Care

Preparing Your Pets for a Hurricane

There’s a hurricane is on the way and the PEI Humane Society wants to help you keep your pets safe during the storm.


Your pet doesn’t know what’s going on and could try to hide.
For this reason, avoid letting unleashed dogs our indoor/outdoor cats out during the storm to avoid them running away.


Here’s some more important tips:

  1. Set up a safe space for your pet. This could be a small room like a bathroom, walk-in closet or laundry room. Add some cozy blankets and toys to make them feel extra safe and comfortable.
    • Don’t crate (kennel) your pet or try to limit their movements. This could make them more anxious. Let them hide if they want to, but don’t try to confine them.
  2. Try to minimize the noise from the storm. This could involve closing windows, curtains, and blinds to muffle noise & visuals. If possible, turn on the TV or radio to act as white noise.
  3. Try playing a game, doing some grooming, or brushing up on training to try and distract your pet. 
  4. Keep your pet company! If possible, stay close to your pet during the storm but don’t give them too much affection as it could overwhelm them further.
  5. Keep your pet inside. If you have to take your pet outside, make sure they are on a secure leash. Keep their collar and tag on them, and make sure their microchip information is up to date in case they get outside or get lost. 


During the storm, Animal Protection Officers are available in emergency cases only.
In case of an emergency, call 902-892-1191.

Please keep in mind that the storm will impact Animal Protection response time.
If you find a stray animal during the storm, be prepared to safely hold onto them for up to 24hrs.

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