Surrender Form – Cat(s)

Surrender Form - Cats


Surrender Form - Cat(s)

Please fill in the below form to arrange to surrender your cat(s). Once you finish the form and hit submit, the form will be sent to our Adoption & Intake Coordinator. They will reach out to you to arrange an appointment for surrender as soon as they're able to. Please be aware that forms submitted after 530pm and/or on weekends will not be answered until the next working day.
Name of Owner(s)(Required)
Is your cat spay/neutered?(Required)
Is your cat declawed?(Required)
As legal owner of the above animal, I authorize the above vet clinic(s) to release the records pertaining to the veterinary care and medical history of this animal to the PEI Humane Society.
Has your cat ever lived with any of the following?
In your opinion, as the person who knows this cat best, is this cat a threat or danger to any of the following?(Required)
My cat is allowed to go outside(Required)
My cat likes to be picked up(Required)
My cat likes to be petted(Required)
How does your cat do in a cat carrier(Required)
When my cat went to the vet last...(Required)
By checking this box, I certify that I understand that an employee of the PEI Humane Society will contact me soon using the information (phone number, email, etc.) that I have provided above regarding surrender of my pet. I certify that this information is correct.(Required)