Too Hot for You? Too Hot for Them!
July 19, 2021

Have you ever walked outside on a particularly hot day and had your flip flops stick to the concrete? Imagine if that was your bare hand on the hot pavement.

The PEI Humane Society wants to warn pet owners about the dangers of “hot paws” in the summer.

Pets walking on hot concrete can be very dangerous. “Hot paws” can cause paw pads to become burnt, red, sore and often peel and blister. No matter what kind of companion animal you have at home, this kind of injury can occur. Although commonly seen in dogs, outdoor cats and rabbits can suffer from hot paws as well. So, how do you prevent your pet from getting “hot paws” this summer? Follow these easy steps.

  1. Follow the 7-second rule. Put your hand on the ground surface you’ll be working on. If you can comfortably hold it there fore 7 seconds, you’re in the clear.
  2. Watch where you’re walking. Keep to natural grasses. Soil doesn’t hold heat like concrete and gravel do. Keeping your pet on the grass is much safer.
  3. What time is it? Walking early in the morning or late into the evening will give the concrete time to cool down. This way it’s more comfortable for you AND for your pets.

A little extra awareness of especially hot days can help prevent “hot paws”. Remember: it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for them!

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