Ongoing Concerns

You Found a Kitten! Now, what?

So you found a kitten and don't know what to do? We're here to help!   If the kitten is critically injured or sick, call the PEI Humane Society immediately. If we're closed, we have an...

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🐾PSA: Know Your Breed🐾

The PEI Humane Society would like to remind Islanders that working dogs require special care when living in an urban environment. The PEI Humane Society has seen an increase in working dog breeds...

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Emergency Pet Resources

This is a list compiled by the PEI Humane Society about where to access pet resources during an emergency situation.   Do you know of a resource that should be added to this list? Email us at:...

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Surrendering a Pet: Step-by-Step

What does it mean to surrender a pet to the PEI Humane Society? How does it work? Why does it sometimes take a few days?   Depending on the time of year, capacity of the shelter, and your pet’s...

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Grooming: It Isn’t Optional

The PEI Humane Society would like to remind all our followers about the importance of grooming your pets. Dogs and cats both can require grooming as part of their care and failure to groom your pet...

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Too Hot for You? Too Hot for Them!

Have you ever walked outside on a particularly hot day and had your flip flops stick to the concrete? Imagine if that was your bare hand on the hot pavement. The PEI Humane Society wants to warn pet...

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