🐾PSA: Know Your Breed🐾
March 1, 2024
The PEI Humane Society would like to remind Islanders that working dogs require special care when living in an urban environment.
The PEI Humane Society has seen an increase in working dog breeds coming into the shelter in the last year or so, specifically, Great Pyrenees. From those who bring the animals to us, we are learning that many are under the impression that these dogs make great companions living in an urban environment. Though this may be true for some individual dogs these breeds were created to do a particular job and therefore have needs that urban environments may not be able to provide.
On average, working dogs like Great Pyrenees have been bred to protect livestock, guard large acreages of farmland, and defend against predators like coyotes. When working dogs are kept in an apartment, or small home, their naturally bred desire to work can arise and cause behavioural challenges. When this occurs, these dogs can be destructive, overprotective of their families and homes, and can develop behaviours that could be unsafe.
To combat this, prospective owners should do thorough research on any breed to ensure that the needs of the animal meet your lifestyle and capacity.
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