Tiny Paws

Tiny Paws

See your new companion?

Click on their picture for more information about them and fill out an online adoption application. Please note only applications being considered will be contacted and an application is not an approval for adoption. We try to find the best home for each animal.

Don’t see the right pet for you or none available? Please check back another time, pets in care may be getting a little extra TLC before becoming available.

Adoption Fees


Includes Spay/Neuter
1 rabbit: $65
2 rabbits or a bonded pair: $85


1 chinchilla: $150
2 chinchillas:$210


1 ferret or hedgehog: $95
1 ferrets or 2 hedgehogs: $145


1 bird: $20
2 birds: $30

Small Rodents

1 Hamster, Rat, Mouse or Gerbil: $15
2 Hamsters, Rats, Mice or Gerbils: $25
3 Hamsters, Rats, Mice or Gerbils: $30

1 Skinny Guinea Pig: $50

1 Guinea Pig or Degu: $30
2 Guinea Pigs or 2 Degus: $45
3 Guinea Pigs or 3 Degus: $50