Tiny Paws

Tiny Paws

See your perfect companion? Here’s how to apply:

Please see the profiles below to learn more about the critters we have up for adoption. Click the Tiny Paws Adoption Application button to apply to adopt your new best friend!



– Only successful applicants will be contacted and submitting an application does not automatically approve an applicant to adopt.

– If you are not approved for the animal you apply for, this does not mean that you cannot apply for another animal or that there was anything wrong with your application.

– We receive many applications to adopt our animals and we will always select the best fit available in order of when the applications were received.

– Submitting multiple applications will not qualify you for multiple animals. If you wish to apply to adopt an animal, please submit ONE application. Multiple application submissions from a single applicant overwhelms our system and cancels all previous applications.

Adoption Fees


Includes Spay/Neuter
1 rabbit: $65
2 rabbits or a bonded pair: $85


1 chinchilla: $150
2 chinchillas:$210


1 ferret or hedgehog: $95
1 ferrets or 2 hedgehogs: $145


1 bird: $20
2 birds: $30

Small Rodents

1 Hamster, Rat, Mouse or Gerbil: $15
2 Hamsters, Rats, Mice or Gerbils: $25
3 Hamsters, Rats, Mice or Gerbils: $30

1 Skinny Guinea Pig: $50

1 Guinea Pig or Degu: $30
2 Guinea Pigs or 2 Degus: $45
3 Guinea Pigs or 3 Degus: $50