Happy Adoptions

Happy Adoption, Barn Cats Kai & Kyle
January 19, 2024
I just wanted to let you know Kyle and Kai are doing great great. Kyle was easy to win over, and Kai continues to make progress in his own time. Kyle loves attention and is very affectionate. He rolls on the ground in front of us for belly rubs and follows us around the barn (to the point we have to be careful not to trip on him lol). You can hear him purring a mile away. Kai went from being a ghost cat, to gradually increasing his appearances, and now he strolls about in the barn when we are about – he has gotten very brave! He gets very playful in front of us, and while he is not yet ready for us to handle him, I can tell he will get to that soon, on his own time.
They both love the bunnies and I think this is what helped to draw Kai out of his hiding spots. We let the barn bunnies have a run about in the barn in the evenings, and the cats get so excited to join in. The bunnies will binky around and the cats join in and get playful and silly too.
We have a hobby farm with a good variety of animals. I didn’t think I would be this excited over two cats, but they are definitely the life of the barn. We make extra trips out just to spend time with these two, and you can bet they get lots of treats and yummies.
Thanks so much for giving second chances.
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