Why PEIHS doesn’t accept adoption applications on lost or stray animals
April 21, 2022

The PEI Humane Society has several programs designed to make pet ownership easier for Islanders. One of them is our Lost/Found Pets Program.

When a lost pet arrive at the PEI Humane Society, they are sometimes posted on our website to help their owners find them more rapidly.


As a matter of respect for those who own these animals,
we ask that the public do not call or send in applications for lost or stray animals.

These animals have families who are likely looking for them. They are not available for adoption.

If a lost or stray animal’s owner chooses to rehome their animal through the PEI Humane Society,
they will go through our usual intake and assessment process before being made available for adoption.
Only once they are posted on our website’s Adopt page will we accept applications for an animal’s adoption.


Put yourself in the owner’s shoes

It’s a position many pet owners never hope to be in: searching frantically for their lost pet. Calling neighbors, posting on social media, earning judgement from others and meeting with unhelpful tips time and again.

Though the story often ends in joy: a tearful reunion and a rush back home for some snacks and a warm bath, the story isn’t always so happy. There are some who never find their pets and are left wondering what happened to them. That’s why the PEI Humane Society offers a comprehensive Lost Pet Program in the way we do: to reunite lost pets and their owners faster.

You can help make this process easier for the owners of lost pets by sharing posts you see about lost animals on PEI. When you see a lost animal posted on social media, share the post and let your network help in getting that pet back to their owners faster.





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