Happy Adoptions

Happy Adoption: Marble
March 10, 2022
Four months with Marble and she is by far the best decision I have ever made!
As my first pet, she brings me so much happiness. And watching her grow into her silly, mischievous personality has been so incredible.
She has her own room in my house, and she is 100% housetrained. She loves to push her toys and houses around and try to get behind your back when you sit against the wall. When she’s being “bad” (trying to chew something she shouldn’t) and I move her away, she always does a big binky as if she knows what she’s doing.
She goes by many names in my house such as: The Marbler, Mubble, Marb, Marby Girl, Muncher, etc,. She is very healthy and happy to be here.
Thank you to the PEI HS for helping me adopt my girl!
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