Happy Adoptions

Happy Adoption: Titan
March 16, 2022

Well it’s 4 months since I came to my new home!  Some days my mom has referred  me as Titan the Terror but in my defence sometimes they are too slow figuring out what I want.  I don’t want to make it too easy on them but I do give small clues.

My new parents have four boys and they adore me.  I often get them off their butts for a game of ball or tug or a walk, it’s good for them to get some extra exercise you know.  I also love a good game of snowball toss!  Usually my biggest brothers watch Star Wars with me in the evening, they are fans and I think they are trying to convert me too.

I love to spend time with Mom and Dad in the kitchen.  I stay real close in case they need me to clean up any spills or dropped foods.  I try to do my part to help out.

I think, over all, I’ve successfully won them all over.  Even my grandparents love me.  My grandfather might be my favourite person, he comes to play ball with me and Mom says I lose my mind when I see him coming.  I can’t help it, I’m just so excited, he is great fun and I am pretty sure, he loves me too.

I spend my quiet time near my people, often keeping my paw on their foot so they don’t sneak away on me.  On occasion I will cuddle on the couch with them, they seem to like that.  I’ve even tried to be a lap dog a few times, they don’t seem to mind even though I’m really big.

Overall, I’m very happy in my new home.  They spoil me, love me and tell me I’m the best dog ever.  I have lots of people to do my bidding and keep me company!

Thanks PEI Humane Society for taking such good care of me and finding me my forever family!

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