Happy Adoptions

Happy Adoption: Willow
March 10, 2022

I wanted to send this update a few weeks after I adopted Willow and she had settled in and adjusted. She was initially described as ‘shy, quiet, shows affection on her terms and she would need a slow introduction to a dog’ so I was preparing for weeks of working to gain her trust and eventually she would be comfortable and content with us.

She was indeed that scared and timid kitten… for the first six hours. By the end of day one she was purring and curious. By day two she was ready to be introduced to her new roommate, Violet. By day three they were sleeping next to each other.

We’re now just over a week in and she is already the Queen of our little castle. She’s incredibly vocal and likes to announce when she’s coming into the room.  She’s a snuggler and purrs like it’s her job and she’s aiming for employee of the month. I was hesitant to adopt another cat after unexpectedly saying goodbye to my beautiful Penny, but when I saw Willow, I knew she was mine.

Violet and I both needed this little girl to help us heal and fill the hole Penny left and in one week I’ve already seen the difference in Violet and felt the difference in myself. Willow’s confidence grows every day and I love seeing her personality and quirks emerge. Thank you to PEI Humane Society for the work you do for Island animals and also to the foster family that took care of Willow until she was ready to find her forever home.

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