Sponsorships take many forms at the PEI Humane Society.

Whether you wish to sponsor a kennel, surgery, or general animal care, your contribution as a sponsor makes a direct impact on the lives of animals in our care.

Often, sponsorships are purchased in honour of or in memory of a beloved pet, friend or family member. If that is the case, let us know and we are more than happy to send them a card detailing your generous gift.

Animal Care Sponsorships

$500 Cat Kennel Sponsorship: sponsor a cat kennel for one year. Order yours here.

$1000 Dog Kennel Sponsorship: sponsor a dog kennel for one year. Order yours here.

$1000 Surgery Sponsorship: sponsor one surgery for one animal. This sponsorship covers the cost of our most common surgeries at the PEI Humane Society. Order yours here.

$1500 Animal Care Sponsorship: sponsor one animal from intake to adoption. This sponsorship covers vaccines, medications, spay/neuter, food, housing, toys and boarding costs for one animal. Order yours here.

*All kennel sponsorships come with a custom plaque to be placed on the kennel. The plaque has space for a photograph, name and quote of your choice.

Capital Sponsorships

$5000+  Office Naming: have an office in our new shelter named after you, your business or in memory of a beloved pet, friend or family member.

$10,000+  Direct Support Sponsorship: select from a list of needed supplies for our new shelter and provide direct support where it’s most needed.

$10,000+ Program Support: provide needed support for programs like Safe Haven, our emergency animal housing program.

*For assistance with options for these levels of sponsorship, please reach out to Ashley Travis, or call 902-892-1190 ext. 32.

*Please note all sponsorships are subject to approval from the PEI Humane Society’s Management Team and Board of Directors and can be denied based on the PEIHS Mission and Value statements.

Adoption Program Sponsorship Program

The Dandy Dog, Fancy Feline & Ritzy Rabbit Programs

The Dandy Dog, Fancy Feline and Ritzy Rabbit programs were created in to assist long-term shelter residents find new homes.

The program offers adopters a subsidization of $100 from the regular adoption fee and is only made possible by the generosity of donors.

Former PEI Humane Society AVC dog trainer Dr. Jennifer Gordon provided the start up donation for this important program.

To contribute to this program, make a $100 donation HERE.

Adoption Sponsorship

For many of our potential adopters, adoption fees can be a daunting financial burden. We often see adopters opt out of adoption because of financial strain and as a result, animals end up in our shelter waiting for adoption.

By sponsoring an adoption, you help alleviate that burden for an adopter. By looking after their adoption fees, adopters do not need to worry about initial costs and can get their new family member home and settled into their new environment faster and with less stress.

To contribute to adoption fees, make a $145 donation towards cat adoption, or a $260 donation towards dog adoption HERE.

Other sponsorship opportunities are available. If you are interested in sponsoring programs, services or specific shelter needs that you do not see listed here, contact Ashley Travis, 902-892-1190 ext. 32