Pet Care

Preparing Your Pets for a Hurricane

There's a hurricane is on the way and the PEI Humane Society wants to help you keep your pets safe during the storm.   ALWAYS REMEMBER: Your pet doesn't know what's going on and could try to...

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Are you thinking about adopting a rabbit?

Are you thinking about adopting a rabbit? Here are some facts about what you’ll need to know before your bun comes home.   Are you ready for a 10-year (or more) commitment? Rabbits make...

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Pets and Wildlife

There are many wildlife species that call PEI home including: Canada geese raccoons foxes squirrels coyotes Remarkably enough, our pets are a danger to wildlife in many ways. Due to predation,...

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Holiday Hazards

As pets are a part of many families, they take part in many of the holidays that occur throughout the year. However, these holidays are not without dangers. Many holidays pose hazards to our pets...

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Pet-Friendly Rentals

Moving can be made even more difficult when you find out your new rental does not allow your pet. Ensure that when you are looking for apartments or houses that you’re upfront and ask the landlord...

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Tips for Moving with Pets

Make moving as stress-free as possible for your pets. Most pet owners move between homes at some point in their lives. This is always stressful for humans to do and can be additionally stressful for...

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